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Making This Career Choice is Easier Than You Think

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Unlike the large agent mills all around, we offer personalized mentorship and training to experienced agents.  We work from home and enjoy sharing professional experiences.  Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where we learn without the expensive desk fees.

Join a Great Company

Most Realtor companies in Central Indiana charge lots of money to work at their brokerage. Not here.  

Make a Great Living

The first step is to start a conversation. We have helped individuals step out on their own and become successful real estate entrepreneurs. Take a few seconds to give us a shout!

  • How do I get started?
    The State of Indiana requires that all Realtors are licensed. In order to get licensed, you need to take a real estate class in order to prepare you to pass the State exam. Here are the steps.
  • How long does it take to get a real estate license?
    The State requires a 90 hour class. You can take this in person to get LIVE training or you can do it online at your own pace. Theoretically, you could take the class and pass the State exam all within a few weeks.
  • How much will I get paid in this job?
    The amount you'll get paid varies depending on how many real estate transactions you complete. Each completed real estate transaction generates a commission to you. The average Indiana real estate professional makes $79,632 per year* but high-performers make much more. *Source: ZipRecruiter 11/20/2021
  • Does it cost money to get started?
    Yes. Currently in 2023-2024 the total costs ito get started (tuition, books, exam fees, license fees and MIBOR/IAR/NAR fees) is about $2,500. Considering how much you can earn right away - this is one of the LOWEST COSTS of entry into any business.
  • Is Green Pocket Realty good for brand new agents?
    Not really. It is highly recommended that if you are new to the business, that you start at a local brick and mortar realty where you can have established regular face to face contact with other agents in an office atmosphere. Some of these brokerages offer regular classroom training on sales, contracts, real estate best practices, etc. Once you have a year or two of actual experience in buying and selling, Green Pocket Realty is the BEST choice if you are and EXPERIENCED AGENT wanting to offer your clients the BEST REALTOR VALUE IN INDIANA.

Tammy Cummings

I love being at Green Pocket Realty because of the amazing support, training, marketing and being able to offer a value to clients that no other company in Indy can.


Lonnie Hassler

I used to work at a large well-known local broker.  With the business plan that GPR has set out- I'm now selling 3 houses per month and I've never been happier.


Darlene Perrine

I got my start here- but LOVE the flexibility of working from home yet getting all the education and support you could ask for. Here at Green Pocket I'm definitely more than a "cookie-cutter" agent.

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