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You have many choices for a real estate brokerage in Indiana.

Most brokerages are in the "agent acquiring" business with great training programs for new agents.  These brokerages are great placed to start and learn.  But eventually, agents find that high commission - high fee structures eventually have them looking for other places to go.






The ideal agent at Green Pocket Realty is someone who has been through real estate basics and has sold 8 or more homes as a REALTOR®.   

We have the BEST looking marketing materials for presenting yourself professionally to homeowners and getting the business.  Our FREE professional photography, drone video and best client value in the business make Green Pocket Realty the most attractive place for independent agents!

We may be the missing piece in your real estate career!  We encourage you to reach out to our current agents to get their opinion!

We are best suited to provide one-on-one mentorship for experienced agents with an existing sphere of contacts.

Our agents are well connected people that have experience in the business world and are comfortable helping people with their $250,000+ homes on a regular basis.


Let’s Succeed 

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